Upcoming Exceptional Journeys with Mehboob Kamadia

MEHBOOB KAMADIA in Wadi Rum (Jordan)

“Only the very fortunate get to travel with Mehboob Kamadia. We are so privileged to have an individual in our Community who offers his services in order to enrich our knowledge. You cannot put a value on his 'scholarship touch' which comes along with his tours. He is an individual who loves to share his knowledge with extreme enthusiasm..."  

Academic Background

Mehboob Kamadia's commitment to studying Islam spans nearly four decades. The study includes a unique University of Toronto degree specializing in the Study of Religion. Weaved into the six-year university curriculum were international field-trips and the production of original research. The projects covered a wide range of topics linked to Abrahamic and non-Abrahamic faiths, politics, history, education and science most notably cosmology and astronomy. 

Providing Knowledge through Travel

After graduating from the University of Toronto in 2000, Mehboob Kamadia embarked on a pioneering project that sought to provide knowledge about world civilizations in general and Muslim civilizations in particular to tourists and holidaymakers. This innovative approach gave birth to ground-breaking cultural tours which Mehboob Kamadia continues to lead. These tours continuously fund Mehboob Kamadia's on-going research. Thus far, its fruits have been imparted to seekers of knowledge in Asian, African, European & North American continents. This research is also being documented in writing.

Exceptional Journeys

Your vacation interests, time and money combined with our insightful knowledge of Middle East and other countries continuously inspire our team of experts in the travel-leisure industry to engineer special itineraries which reflect wise management of time, uncompromising quality of the tour, savings of shopping dollars, fun, pleasure, comfort, leisure, adventure, entertainment, humour, laughter, spirituality and above all else a truly unique qualitative learning and experience: a core feature of each "Exceptional Journey". We also take pride in treasuring precious moments of your lifetime journeys with professional photo-shoots of uncompromising quality.

Upcoming Trips

1. MECCA-MEDINA-DUBAI  (10 Days: Feb 21 to March 2, 2018)

Tour Description

An exclusive 10-Day Journey seeks to honour and celebrate the mission of Prophet Muhammad that forever ended the colossal undertaking of some 124,000 prophets. A journey to Mecca and Medina thus symbolizes a total and perfect historical-spiritual pilgrimage. During this journey, Mehboob Kamadia aims to provide a rare and very special image of Islam that emerges from the ahlul-kitab traditions. Photo-shoots of uncompromising quality will be carried out throughout this journey. 

Land Tour Package: 5* deluxe/Luxury
Travel dates: Feb 21 to March 2, 2018
Space is limited: Book ASAP with Mehboob Kamadia @ mehboob@ircworldtours.com

Pictures of 2012, 2013,2104 & 2015 tours: click here

Periodical Updates: click here

2. EGYPT  (10 Days: March 2-11, 2018)


Tour Description

A carefully selected team of genuinely knowledgeable guides & experts will assist YOU to meaningfully encounter the Ismaili Fatimid, Pharaonic, Judeo-Christian, Islamic and modern Egypt. This rare 10-day journey explores Aswan as well as Cairo and Luxor. Photo-shoots of uncompromising quality will be carried out throughout this journey. 

Land Tour Package: 5* deluxe/Luxury
Travel dates: March 2-11 2018
Space is limited: book this tour ASAP by contacting Mehboob Kamadia @ mehboob@ircworldtours.com

Pictures of  2015 Egypt Trip

3. TUNISIA (10 Days: March 11-19, 2018)


Tour Description

Of all the North African countries, Tunisia is the most visitor-friendly. It lures visitors to its attractions that include the walled medinas, glorious beaches, salt flats and the vast expanse of the Sahara Desert. Phoenicians, Turks, Berbers, Arabs and Ismaili Fatimids (direct descendants of Prophet Muhammad) have shaped the history of Tunisia. A carefully selected team of experts shall assist you to meaningfully encounter Mahdiya (founded by the Fatimids), Raqadda, Kairouan, Sousse, Hamamet and Tunis. Photo-shoots of uncompromising quality will be carried out throughout this journey. 

Land Tour Package: 5* deluxe/Luxury
Travel dates: March 11-19 2018
Space is limited: book ASAP by contacting Mehboob Kamadia @ mehboob@ircworldtours.com

Pictures of  2014 Tunisia Trip: click here

4. PORTUGAL & SPAIN (Around July 2018)

Pictures of 2008 Portugal Trip: click here
Pictures of 2012 Portugal Trip: click here
Pictures of 2012 Spain Trip: click here

5. IRAN  - Around October 2018

Land Tour Package: 5* deluxe/Luxury
Travel dates will be announced sometime in March 2018
Space is limited: Register asap by contacting Mehboob Kamadia @ mehboob@ircworldtours.com

Pictures of  2016 Iran Trip: click here 

6. TAJIKISTAN (2018) - Month to be announced

Pictures of A Rare Journey to Badakhshan: click here

7. INDIA (2018) - Month to be announced

Pictures of 2013 Trip: click here
Pictures of 2013 Moledina Album: click here

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"The tours designed, directed and escorted by Mehboob Kamadia somehow need to be widely recognized, appreciated and promoted by each one of us." 

"...Mehboob is a man who is passionate and knowledgeable about his work, dedicated, organized and very well mannered, sincere, responsible, kind and caring - All the qualities that make for a great human being and these are what make Mehboob good at what he does."

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